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‘Earth Must be Warned!’ – French Astronaut’s Chilling Warning Resurfaced This Week

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Claudie André-Deshays Haigneré is at the center of an enormous mystery. In 2008, the talented and highly intelligent Frenchwoman issued a hysterical warning to the people of Earth after attempting to commit suicide. No one at the time knew what the warning meant and since Dr. Haigneré has recovered she has refused to clarify the…

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Archaeological Discoveries That Are Way Too Controversial for Todays Scientists

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Unexplained discoveries make it clear that our past was different than what some archeologists want us to believe. There were prehistoric civilizations whose technological advancement is claimed to rival or surpass our own. Across the globe, nomadic peoples and primitive cultures seemed to experience advancements in sudden bursts. One theory is that these cultures were…

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