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Readers from all over Russia are reporting in that they have seen strange lights and objects in the skies, and many have sent in pictures, and even video, evidence of the event. There are many pictures of this unidentified object – which many described as a bright flash, followed by a trail of smoke and a clear disturbance in the sky. Witnesses say that they saw what appeared to be a small, brightly lit structure, like a small vessel, leading the trail. Almost like a crashing ship that had caught on fire.

The pictures come from many different angles and appear to support what those on the ground are describing. The disturbance left in the atmosphere can only be described as eerie and unearthly.


Unsurprisingly, the Russian government soon put out its official explanation for what had happened and assured those concerned that it was merely a rocket test. This is probably the most overused explanation for UFOs, and many did not believe it. However, even if it was a test, that is still a cause for great concern. Why would the Russians be testing a new ballistic missile? What are they planning on using it for? Do they anticipate a war soon? Given recently intensifying conflicts with The United States and North Korea, any sort of military showmanship or testing should be a concern. If this was a weapon test, then it would seem the Russians have developed some sort of new, presumably very powerful, weapon. Could this be a shot in a new Cold War as relations between Moscow and Washington worsen? Whether the object in these photos and videos was of extraterrestrial origin, or only a disturbing sign of modern world tension, this is cause for grave concern.



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