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‘HAS HE BEEN SILENCED?’ Mystery as UFO expert Scott C Waring suddenly shuts down his site without warning after seven years of alien posts

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Scott C Waring set up UFO Sightings Daily in 2010 and it quickly attracted legions of true believers

A UFO hunter whose quest for the truth was followed by believers around the world for seven years has mysteriously closed his website.

Scott C Waring set up UFO Sightings Daily in 2010 and it quickly became one of the most popular sites for true believers everywhere.

Scott C Waring regularly posted ‘proof’ of alien life like this ‘archway’ in the centre right of this NASA image

A close-up of an ‘arch’ ancient Martians would have once used, according to the UFOlogist

Scott Waring ran the website for 10 years
For example, in April he claimed to have discovered an “ancient tree stump” on the Red Planet which proves it was once teeming with life.

He wrote: “It would be logical to assume that a variety of tree either existed or still exists on this enigmatic planet.”

Waring once claimed to have spotted an “archway on Mars” and said it’s proof that empire of midget Martians once ruled the Red Planet.

He also said Nasa had accidentally captured images of a crashed alien spacecraft and even a woman’s body on Mars.

On the front of the website, Waring wrote: “My last post. Thanks for the seven years of support.

“We have accomplished a lot together.”

An enhanced image of a ‘spaceship’ featured on UFO Sightings Daily

The photo seems to show a crashed flying saucer
Some UFOlogists were worried the site had been shut down by the authorities, with one tweeting: “Did the government or secret groups threaten Scott C. Waring?”

But far from being intimidated by a shadowy government agency, Waring claims he has quit because UFO enthusiasts are not taken seriously.

He added: “I think it’s changed. It was educational before, it was enlightening before, it was even comforting somehow knowing the truth, but it seems to have taken a turn as entertainment.

“That was never my intention.

A close-up of a strange object, which UFO believers claim resembles a petrified tree stump

Many of the UFOlogist’s discoveries focused on the Red Planet

This photo allegedly shows a carving of a woman’s body on the surface of Mars
“This is serious stuff that has depths that even I can’t fathom.

“It deserves serious thought and research, not contempt and ridicule.”

But many in the field felt Waring contributed to the problem and cheapened the debate about extraterrestrial life.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told “I think he was genuinely trying to find and share UFO sightings and anomalies captured by the cameras of the International Space Station and other space vehicles, but the sheer quantity of his ‘discoveries’ undermined their quality.

“How many people really believe his photographic evidence that everything from massive skyscrapers to squirrels exist on the surface of Mars?”


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