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A construction crew working new the University of San Francisco were shocked when they discovered a small, sealed coffin that appeared to belong to a child underneath the land they were working on. Inside the coffin, the builders discovered a small girl with long blonde hair wearing a white, lacy dress. Investigators nicknamed the child…

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Discovery of mysterious ‘ALIEN’ corpse on riverbank leaves scientists baffled

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The body, said to have a ‘mysterious skull’, was found on the banks of the River Kovashi by two locals. Alien life form? This strange body was found on the banks of a Russian river (Image: YouTube) Scientists are struggling to explain the discovery of an ‘alien’ corpse near a nuclear power plant. The body,…

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Astronomers Identify Mysterious Explosion Of Light First Seen Back In 1437

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Korea, March 11, 1437. Back then, it was a united country under the rule of the Joseon Dynasty, and paper currency had just been invented on the peninsula. On that very eve, though, Korean stargazers witnessed an explosion of light that they suspected may have been the birth of a new star within our galaxy.…

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This Incredible Underground Secret Is As Mysterious As It Is Beautiful

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In 1835, a laborer in Kent, England, was doing his usual field work. What wasn’t so usual was when he struck the soil with his spade and it just disappeared into the Earth. Apparently, he was standing on something hollow, but from the surface, he could see nothing. Word spread, and a local schoolteacher soon…

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The Mysterious Video of 12,000 Years Old Anunnaki

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The mysterious video uploaded on YouTube stated that it is the real footage of 12,000-year-old Anunnaki. The ancient Anunnaki is one of the most widely discussed topics when it comes to the origin of mankind. Due to its popularity among people, the youtube users all around the world are watching this. There is numerous hypothesis…

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Lost U.S. Satellite Sends Mysterious Signals After 50 Years

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The LEs1 satellite vanished back in 1967 not ever to be perceived again till 2013 that it is. Astrophysicists first started to contemplate that they were picking up indications from it three years ago, but looked-for time to authorize their uncertainties. But here’s the actually creepy part, agreeing to Sat news, scientists and professionals have…

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