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CASE CLOSED? Has the Rendlesham ‘alien UFO’ mystery finally been SOLVED?

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EXCLUSIVE: Britains’s most perplexing UFO mystery may finally have been solved after an astrophysicist investigated the 37-year-old unsolved case. Case closed: The new book sheds light on a theory that the UFO was not alien in origin. Andrew Pike, a qualified astrophysicist, writer and broadcaster specialising in astronomical anomalies and the history of science, has…

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Has the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle finally been solved?

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THE Bermuda Triangle has fuelled the imaginations of conspiracy theorists and paranormal investigators for more than half a century. A new documentary looks to uncover the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle Now a new documentary sets out to find what exactly happened to the planes and ships that have disappeared in the the mysterious Bermuda…

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