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The Existence of Underwater Aliens

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It has been widely believed by experts that life outside of our planet could exist in one of the moons in the solar system due to the higher percentage they have over some planets. In 2005, NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft spotted hydrothermal sprays coming from one of the moons of Saturn which confirmed the existence of…

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Ancient UNDERWATER structure, said to be 14,000 years old—Could this be evidence of ALIEN bases & UFOs?

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Three decades ago, a Japanese diver discovered a massive stone complex near Yonaguni, at the southwestern-most tip of the Japanese archipelago. Scientists have determined that this structure is man-made and that it must have been built more than 14,000 years ago—a conclusion that led some to seek out more “paranormal” explanations. The massive structure, first…

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5 Mind Blowing Underwater Cities

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No doubt we’ve all heard of the legend of Atlantis, the ancient, once great city that was lost when the ocean submerged it. To this day the legendary city has yet to be found (or proven to have ever existed) yet over the years many other underwater cities have been found, each of them as…

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