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You Won’t Believe What These Guys Found In Their Grandparents’ Attic!

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A mysterious treasure map was the least interesting item!
Last month, a family from Tampa, Florida made an unusual and gruesome discovery while rummaging through the attic of their grandparents’ house.

Mike Lopez and his sister decided it was time to do some spring cleaning but it never crossed their minds that they might stumble upon a mystery box connected to a centuries-old pirate tale.

When they opened the box, they were surprised to find old Spanish coins, a tattered map of the Hillsborough River and a mummified hand wearing a cryptic ring.

As children, they used to listen to their grandfather as he told them stories about his father, Ernesto Lopez and his connection to the infamous pirate Jose Gaspar and his fabled treasure. This odd find seems to suggest there was more to those stories than they thought.

Mike showed the contents of the box to several antique stores in and around Tampa and got his conformation that the items were “gruesome and authentic.” The curator of the Tampa History Center examined the box and determined the coins were Spanish doubloons but noticed they were unusually thin. He also believes the map could be a copy of a much older document.

Either my great-grandfather made the best, most elaborate pirate hoax ever and never shared it with anyone or he really did find some treasure on the Hillsborough River. There’s no way to know which is the case,” Maria told a local TV station.

But the greatest mystery remains the mummified hand still wearing its intriguing ring and, despite the fact that Mike’s family believes it belonged to Jose Gaspar, it’s unlikely that the disembodied appendage will ever be identified.

Guess the moral of this story would be “Check your grandparents’ attic for pirate treasure!” because why not?


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